The following athletes have attended our camps and were selected as All-Conference, All-State, or All-Tournament players and/or MVP's the following season:

Garrett Golden - Dothan, AL
Haley Sheffield - Panama City Beach, FL
Chelsea McDill - Panama City Beach, FL
Liz Farris - Parker, FL
Justin Schaffer - Panama City, FL
Brock Bailey - Bainbridge, GA
Stephanie Mills - Bainbridge, GA
Rachel Harrell - Bainbridge, GA
Ben Dobernig - Panama City Beach, FL
Mamie Rubottom - Tallahassee, FL
Jessica Paris - Southport, FL
Parker Sheffield - Panama City Beach, FL
Ben Adams - Panama City, FL
Hilliary Smith - Panama City, FL
Olivia Dew - Bayou George, FL
Hannah Dobernig - Panama City Beach, FL
Rachel Phelps - Panama City, FL
Caroline McClenney - Dothan, AL
Jordan Ashton Sanders - Dothan, AL


"This camp was the perfect camp for anyone wanting to get better.  It's the best camp I've ever been to."  
Zamir Jones - Navarre, FL

"It was a pretty intense basketball camp, but definitely helped my game and made me a better player."  Jessica Paris - Southport, FL

"This  was a great camp and I learned so much.  I discovered that being successful is not just about physical skills, the mental side of basketball is just as important."  
Gestur Ingvarsson - Mosfellsbaer, Iceland

"This basketball camp not only taught me skills, but also an attitude of leadership that I wouldn't have learned on my own.  I will be able to use what I learned here both on and off the court."
Amanda Jordan - Tallahassee, FL

"Your basketball camp really made my shot 100% better.  It took the flatness out of it, quickened my jump shot timing and made me take a BETTER shot more quickly... I gained a better mentality and quality of my game, and brought that back to my team.  I wouldn't have been able to contribute the way I did if it hadn't been for your camp."
Zach Bingham - Panama City, FL

"This camp taught me that there may be players that are better than me, but there will never be players that will work harder than me."  
Caroline McClenny - Dothan, AL

"This camp was AMAZING!!! I will be back!"
Mattisyn Toson, Panama City, FL

"The camp not only showed me how to be a better player athletically, but also a better player mentally.  It also pressed the values and importance of being a good teammate.  The Panhandle Elite Camp really did get me 'ready for the game'."
Hilliary Smith - Panama City, FL

"The camp really made me think about how talent is not as important as a good attitude.  If my attitude isn't right, I'm not going to make the game fun for me, or more importantly, for my teammates."
Mamie Rubottom - Tallahassee, FL

"The camp taught me not to worry so much about where I may fall, but rather to pay attention to what may cause me to slip.  The little things make a difference."
Jordan Ashton Sanders, Dothan, AL


"My daughter came away from your camp encouraged and re-energized with a passion to play basketball.  She became a more focused player."
Debbie Sheffield - Panama City, FL

"Your camp was one of my kids favorite, and they have been going to various camps for over 10 years.  They enjoyed the quick fun pace and the creative games they played.  I appreciated the affordability, the attention to the fundamentals of the game and the emphasis you placed on the mental aspect of the game."
Johnene Dobernig - Panama City, FL

"My kids came home with lots of new ideas and a new excitement for the game."
Shelley Adams - Panama City, FL