The true value of a basketball camp is not measured by how much a player sweats or how tired they are at the end of the day. 

I've attended many camps where the athletes are asked to run sprints and suicides, in addition to conditioning drills.  Why?  How does that help YOUR game?

It's definitely not measured by the number of celebrity NBA athletes that show up and throw down a couple of nasty dunks to get the approval of the campers.  That may be a cool thing to watch, but exactly what is it that they are doing that help YOUR game?

Too many camps these days are just going through the motions to make money and the athletes aren't getting their monies worth... they're just happy to be in a gym again.  Don't mistake activity for progress.  If the drill or the instructor isn't giving YOU something that will directly impact YOUR game in a positive way... then why are you doing it?

The true value of a basketball camp should be based on what the athlete is able to observe, learn, practice (with correction), and take back with them to use and help them once when their season starts.